About Precise Machine & Tool Inc.

Located in Louisville, KY, for over 20 years, Precise Machine & Tool Inc. specializes in sealer nozzles and tips for the automotive industry.

Our manufacturing facility is wall to wall with high precision machines and measuring equipment for building your sealer nozzles and tips to your specific tolerances.

We have supplied to every major automobile manufacturer for literally every assembly plant in the world.


We realize that not all sealer decks are laid out the same. So, whether your operator is sealing from a pit or a raised platform, we have the correct base to fit your needs. Our bases are marked by category that specifically matches its mating sealer tool. They come in a variety of lengths and can be can be custom made to fit the sealer dispense gun of your choice. When your sealer tip finally wears out, you’ll be able to replace it and use your existing base.

If you have a sealing issue – give us a call. We look forward to handling your toughest challenge.

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